Tooth Extractions at Our Durham and Cary locations

Sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary to prevent or treat positional or structural tooth problems. A tooth extraction involves removal of a tooth (or teeth) from the tooth socket, and is usually an in-office procedure. At AFD we perform tooth extractions at each of our dental offices in Cary and Durham

What is the Procedure for Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is an easy procedure usually performed under local anesthesia. A dental tool called an elevator is used to loosen the tooth, increase room in the bone and detach the fibers that keep the tooth attached to the bone. Then, the tooth is removed from the mouth by forceps. If there are no complications in the procedure, the tooth can be removed in one piece.

Teeth may need to be removed for a variety of reasons, but the most common extractions are impacted teeth and wisdom tooth extraction.

Impacted Teeth

One of the most common reasons to have a tooth extracted is if it is impacted. Impacted teeth are teeth that are prevented by gum tissue, bones or other teeth from growing into a healthy and natural position. Removing these teeth is the only way to prevent further problems that can occur.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a common and many times necessary surgical procedure, because wisdom teeth can be the root of a variety of problems. Wisdom teeth can become impacted when the jaw is not large enough to accommodate them, making them unable to break through the gum tissue. They may also break as they come through the gum tissues, leading the gum tissue to grow over the teeth. Germs and other particles can become trapped over this newly-grown flap of gum tissue, causing an infection with swelling and pain. Additionally, wisdom tooth extraction can be necessary if they come through the gums at an awkward angle.

Other Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction may also be recommended by your dentist or orthodontist in order to create more space in the mouth as preparation for tooth straightening, or as a necessary measure to make straightening possible. A dental patient may also need to have teeth extracted if they are broken, infected or decayed beyond repair. Tooth extraction can be an economic option in some cases.

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